Ice Patch Archaeology

„Ice patch discoveries provide an amazing way to capture public interest and to integrate education about archaeology and Native American cultures with ancient and modern climate. This video provides a brief overview of more than a decade’s worth of investigation into the archaeology of alpine snow and ice in the Greater Yellowstone and the effects of climate change on archaeological resources. It was made by Montana PBS and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) with support from the USDA Forest Service’s Region 1 Heritage Stewardship Enhancement Program. The target audience includes all of the citizens of Montana, but it will be of interest to all of the citizens of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem / Greater Yellowstone Area (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming) as well as to people living elsewhere in the Rocky Mountains or other areas with alpine snow and ice in North America and around the world. Thank you for your interest.“

Dauer: 9:00 Min.



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