Archäologie der Zukunft – Direktvermittlung Wissen Ein Kooperationsprojekt von Museum und Universität

Summary – “Archaeology of the Future – Imparting Knowledge Directly”. A
cooperative project between museum and university. The project “Archaeology of the Future – Imparting Knowledge Directly” is a cooperative project of the Institute for Prehistory, Early History and Medieval Archaeology of the  University of Tübingen and the Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen. It is funded by the state initiative “Small Subjects” and aims to strengthen a direct exchange between archaeological research and its teachers based at museums and in schools as well as the collaborative development of sustainable teaching units. In order to achieve these goals, various means are used: trainings and information events for teachers, the development of new teaching units in interdisciplinary seminars, the evaluation and revision of established and the creation of new teaching units at the Lake Dwelling museum Unteruhldingen, the establishment of a website and use of social media, as well as the EXAR-conference 2018.

Autor: Katja Thode

Jahrbuch 2019
Heft 18

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